• equipment

    Great mobility with our van and kayak trailer.

  • equipment

    All of our gear is newly bought sea kayaking equipment made by specialized kayaking companies.

  • Equipment3

    Double and single seated kayaks, sprayskirts, and carbon shaft paddles.

Our Equipment

All of our sea kayaking equipment is made by specialized kayaking companies.

• Sea Kayaks
Our sea kayaks are in majority of the Italian company Rainbow, and the fleet consists of single seater Laser boats and double seater Atlantis boats. The Lasers are kayaks that track very well thus making them easy to paddle even for the inexperienced. They are friendly to newcomers since they have good stability in the water yet can be playful to the more experienced paddler that wants to fiddle around and practice more advanced boat handling skills. Their storage capacity is suitable for multiday trips as well. Additionally we possess double seated Dag Biwoks and singles P&H Delphin and Scorpio corelite X.

• Paddles
We have high quality hand made paddles of the leading brand Werner with a selection of 2 different blade types (high angle, low angle) for those who have a preference. Shafts are made of a carbon blend while blades are fiberglass or fiberglass nylon blend. Due to the materials used these paddles are very light and consequently offer energy saving performance with good paddling efficiency.

• PFD's & Spraydecks
Peak UK and Hiko are our choice for the Personal Flotation Devices and our nylon spraydecks. A couple of neoprene spraydecks are also available for experienced paddlers only.

• Safety items
A selection of pumps, towlines, VHF radios, first aid kits and repair kits are also part of the equipment taken with in every trip in order to cover all safety aspects of every outing in the sea.